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Project Goals

Build an increasingly positive climate for learning.
Learning and teaching are enriched by a positive, nurturing climate. To build such a climate:
Strengthen relationships.
Focus on learners’ strengths.
Stress process and effort more than product and grades.

Increase student motivation.
Students become engaged and exert more effort when they are highly motivated. To have a positive influence on their motivation:
Make instruction culturally relevant.
Emphasize collaborative learning activities.
Focus on performances of understanding.

Aim for high intellectual performance.
Engage students in genuine inquiry.
Invite students to use a range of thinking processes.
Raise expectations and make them clear.

More about services being provided...

NUA began services in January 2010, with teachers from GCHS and CMS.  An Instructional Assessment (IA) was conducted at each school consisting of a Principal Interview, a Teacher Survey, a Student Survey, Classroom visits and a Data Review.  From the IA, cross-district recommendations and goals guides were developed.

Currently, GES and UPE are engaged in the Instructional Assessment (IA) process.  Once completed, these two schools will also receive site visits throughout the year.  Teachers from the Pre-K school with join the GES staff during site visits. Instructional Coaches will receive 4 days of professional development and Principals will participate in 2 sessions designed to optimize their instructional leadership. NUA’s Saturday LG Seminar will occur in January 2011 with a one-day Summer Institute scheduled for June.

NUA Fact Sheet

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In the News...

Bus tour of schools showcase NUA Partnership

On May 5, 2011 a bus tour of GCHS, CMS, GES, and UPE took place to enable local educators and the community to get an idea of how well the partnership with NUA has gone this school year.   

Click here for pictures from this day's tour.
Click here for the article in the Lake Oconee News.

GCHS students attends summit in Washington, D.C. (2011-04April-18)

Greene County High School junior William Mitchell joined a dozen other students from Denver, California, Baltimore, Virginia and other states and cities from across the country in Washington, D.C. on April 18 for the Student Voices Discussion on Teacher Effectiveness. 

William was invited to participate in the discussion by the National Urban Alliance (NUA). NUA partners with school districts to support the building of their capacity to advocate community-wide responsibility for realizing the learning potential of its children. William is part of the student National Urban Alliance cohort that has attended Professional Learning with high school teachers for the past two years.

**Click here for Greene County School System's Press Release

**In the news...
   Click here for the front page article in The Herald Journal on 
   April 21, 2011
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